Annual Seminar 2020: The Sky Is Not The Limit: Composites Technologies For Cross-Sector Applications

Annual Seminar and SME Table Top Exhibition, 13 February 2020

SAMPE UK & Ireland chapter organises an annual technical seminar, where a large number of industry professionals from OEMs, their Suppliers (T1, T2, materials etc.) as well as SMEs are present. There is an almost equal number of delegates and researchers from universities. The seminar, aligned to a particular theme, has 8-10 technical talks detailing the latest innovations and trends in various areas such as Composites Manufacturing Technology, Advances in Design Practices, Materials and Processes, Additive Manufacturing, Market Applications etc. In general, speakers have exemplary experience either in industry or in academia. The seminar also has a table-top exhibition to showcase novel, innovative products and services as well as student posters to highlight the latest academic research.