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SAMPE is Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering.

The society, formed originally in the US, is now globally recognised as the leading professional body for engineers and technologists associated with advanced materials and processes, in particular those based on high performance composite materials.

SAMPE is active in Europe through SAMPE Europe and in the UK and Ireland via the SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter.

Upcoming Conferences

SE Summit Conference Paris, 11th March 2019


SAMPE has grown to become the leading professional body worldwide concerned with materials and process engineering. Join more than 15,000 existing members spread across 40 individual membership chapters worldwide.


  • Professional recognition
  • Training and career development opportunities
  • Conferences, workshops, industry visits
  • Publication in SAMPE journals
  • Networking opportunity
  • Student activities, awards and travel grants
  • Travel grants for young members

SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter Calendar

Upcoming Events
  • Annual Seminar and Table-top Exhibition, Edinburgh 6th June 2019

Recent Events
  • SAMPE Europe 18, Southampton, 11-13 September 2018
  • Annual Seminar and Table-top Exhibition, Nottingham, 2018

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Contact Andrew Mills about Young Engineers and Students activities and opportunities.

News bulletin

Annual Seminar & AGM, Edinburgh, 6 June 2019

In recent years the Annual Seminar and Table-top Exhibitions have been held at Cranfield or in the Midlands, but the committee decided that it was time for a change, and to reflect that there is SAMPE related industry and technological development taking place in all corners of the UK. This year, the UK & Ireland Chapter Annual Seminar and AGM will be held in Edinburgh.

Under Tim Wybrow's leadership...

Since Tim Wybrow took over the chair role in September, a committee meeting has been held and there are a few changes to be announced.

Firstly, the "Students Matter" activity has been re-branded as "Young Engineers & Students", or simply, "YES". This is to signal more clearly our ongoing support for early career engineers working in industry as well as those studying for higher degrees. A new subcommittee has been formed to drive YES related activities, events and opportunities. This will be led by Andrew Mills, who will be supported by Shumit Das, Natalia Becera and Carwyn Ward.

Alison McMillan's website management role has been re-named "Marketing & Communications". In addition to managing the website content and appearance, this role will also comprise further development of our use of Social Media, and ensuring consistency in our communications with members.

You will have noticed that there have been some modifications to the website, reflecting these above changes. The most significant of these is that "Students Matter" page has been replaced by the "Young Engineers & Students" page. At present, the content is essentially the same as it was, but the layout has been improved. It is anticipated that more significant content changes will take place, as the subcommittee bring these forward.

You might also have noticed that the "Contact Us" button has been removed from the horizontal menu bar? This information now includes the Social Media links, and is located in a position of more prominence on the right of the main web pages, above the "News Bulletin" column.

The SAMPE Europe Conference 18

This conference was hosted by the SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter, in Southampton in September.

Conference included three tutorials, the Student Seminar competition, two plenary lectures, five plant visits and an Automotive Special event, over 60 contributed presentations, 24 posters, and an evening at Beaulieu National Motor Museum followed by a Network Dinner.

The student prize winners were Paul VAN DER SYPT (European Champion 2018) and Alice LAMARO (best Master student).

For more details about the conference visit the Event Archive.

The Mort Kushner Award

The Mort Kushner Award was presented to David Carlton during the SAMPE Europe Conference 18. This is one of SAMPE Global's most prestigious awards, for exceptional service to the Society.

David Carlton (centre) receives the Mort Kushner Award, presented by Brent Strong (left) President SAMPE Global and Andy Long (right) Chair of SAMPE UK & Ireland

Andy Long retires as Chapter Chair

Professor Andy Long has been the chair of SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter these last 13 years. This has been a long period of service during which there have been many developments in composites, and new generations of personnel joining the committee. Andy has been instrumental in the leadership of the Chapter, and it is very fitting for his "Swan Song" to be the SAMPE Europe event in Southampton.

As we say goodbye and farewell to Andy, we extend a welcome to Tim Wybrow who is taking up the role.

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If you have any requests to feature here, please contact Alison McMillan

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