“On Track for Success” - Annual Seminar & SME Table Top Exhibition

23rd February 2012 - Cranfield University, UK

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Seminar report
Summary written by Shumit Das

"Automated Manufacturing with Thermoset Prepregs"
Alasdair Ryder, Collaborative R&T Senior Project Manager, UMECO

"Advances in Automated Manufacture of Composite Airframe and Engine Structures"
Andrew Portsmore, Chief Engineer, R&D, GKN Aerospace

"The Development of Carbon Fibre Fabrics with Optimal Processability and Mechanical Performance"
Tom James, Formax Ltd

"Numerical Prediction of Micro-scale Defect Formation in Liquid Composite Moulding"
Frank Gommer, University of Nottingham, SAMPE UK & Ireland Student Competition Winner

"A Bamboo Bike Revival: Back to the Future!"
James Broughton, Oxford Brookes University