"Hands Off" - Advances in Automated Composites Manufacturing

Annual Seminar & SME Table Top Exhibition
24th February 2011 - Cranfield University, UK

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"You want to do what with it Roy?"
Bob Griffiths, SAMPE International Past President, SAMPE UK & Ireland Vice President

"The ACTS Node, and the innovations required to manufacture it"
Chris McHugh, Lead Development Engineer, 3D Structures, Sigmatex UK Ltd

"Automated methods of composite manufacture for aero engines"
Ashan Amarasinghe, Rolls-Royce

"Automation in the production of Wind Energy Composite Components"
Andrew Hedges, Vestas Technologies

"Automated Processing and Macro-scale Modelling of Discontinuous Carbon/epoxy Composites"
Rajivsan Luchoo, University of Nottingham, SAMPE UK & Ireland 2010 Student Competition Winner

"Automated Fibre Placement of Complex Composite Structures"
Mark Lees, Cobham Composite Technologies