SEICO 10 - SAMPE Europe

31st International Technical Conference
12-14th April 2010 - Hotel Mercure Paris Porte de Versaille Expo, France

SAMPE Europe International Conference SEICO 10 is one of the leading events in Europe in the Technical and Scientific Conference Calendar, associated with Advanced Materials and Processes. Whilst Polymer Composites are a strong theme, SEICO 10 will focus also on a wide range of other Materials and Technologies. In today’s leading Industries, Advanced Composites have established a wide acceptance in research and industry thanks to the improvements of materials and application characteristics.

SEICO 10 will inform in a wide range of papers on the latest developments and applications of Advanced Composite Technology and Material Science. The paper will make reference to the latest applications from Aircraft & Space, Ground Transport Systems, Car, Truck & Bus, Naval structures and applications, Energy Exploration – Generation – and Transmission, Civil Engineering and Maintenance of Infrastructures, Adhesive Bonding, Nano-Technology, NDT & Repair, Composite Tooling.

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Event details

Event address:
Hotel MERCURE Paris Porte de Versailles Expo
F-921 74 Vanves