Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering

A short history of SAMPE

SAMPE is the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering. The society, formed originally in the US, is now globally recognised as the leading professional body for engineers and technologists associated with advanced materials and processes. SAMPE is active in Europe through SAMPE Europe, and in the UK and Ireland via the SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter.


SAMPE Global is a worldwide organisation devoted to the promotion of technical excellence in materials and process engineering. It has global membership strength of more than 6000 professional engineers, scientists and technologists.

The origins of SAMPE date back to 1940s in Southern California, USA. During the 1950s the organisation spread nationally throughout the US as the Society for Aerospace Material and Process Engineering. In the 1960s Chapters were set up in Europe and Japan

In 1973 the Society was renamed to reflect the broader membership beyond the aerospace industry. SAMPE has grown to become the leading professional body worldwide concerned with materials and process engineering. Since 2014 SAMPE Global comprises three “Regions”:

  • SAMPE Europe
  • SAMPE Japan
  • SAMPE North America

as well as 8 International Chapters located elsewhere.

Conferences, seminars and local chapter meetings are now held in North America, South America, Japan, Korea, China and Europe, including the UK and Ireland.

Europe region

SAMPE Europe started in the 1980s as the SAMPE Europe Chapter and now has over 1000 individual members from more than 25 countries across the continent. Today SAMPE Europe comprises a number of chapters and clubs and is managed by the SAMPE Europe Board, headed by the European President - who is elected for a period of two years. The SAMPE Chapters in Europe are: Benelux , Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and UK/Ireland plus a SAMPE club in Russia.

The SAMPE Europe Board of Directors is headed by the SAMPE Europe President and includes officers plus national representatives - all unpaid volunteers elected by the membership of the respective Chapters and club. SAMPE Europe co-ordinates membership administration throughout Europe and organises a major International Conference annually. The SAMPE Europe President is a member of SAMPE Global Board of Directors.

UK & Ireland chapter

SAMPE activities in the United Kingdom and Ireland date back to the early 1970s via international membership and subsequently the UK Club was created as part of the original European chapter formation. The UK & Ireland Club became a full chapter in 2001; the first European club to do so.

Currently there are around 125 members, which makes it one of the larger Chapters in Europe. The UK have made a significant contribution to SAMPE over many years supplying 3 of the 15 or so European presidents (Geoff Meades, Trevor Cook and Bob Griffiths) as well as the first SAMPE International President from outside the USA (Bob Griffiths). It has also provided a consistently strong technical input to the preparation and organisation of the European Conferences.

News bulletin

SAMPE Student Competition: Winners announced
Congratulations to Riikka Hasa and Geoff Neale, who will both be presenting their work at the SAMPE Europe conference in September. Their presentations are on "Mulitlayer unusual lay up CF epoxy inspired by sea shells" and "3D woven glass preforms for crash energy absorption structures". A short review of the event is given on the Students Matter page.
SAMPE Europe Conference 18: Updates

There has been an excellent respone to the call for papers and the detailed session planning is now under way.

The Tutorials Programme for 11 September is as follows:

  • A Thermoplastic Composites in Aerospace: Materials, Technologies and Applications
    Arnt R Offringa MSc
  • B1 Design and manufacture of large composite structures
    Prof John Summerscales and Dr Richard Cullen
  • B2 Tooling Technologies for Composites Manufacturing: Additive, Metal, Composites, Rubber, Shape Memory, Molds and More
    Dr Scott W. Beckwith

The Plant Visit programme scheduled for 12 September is also finalised. This year the options include an Automotive Special comprising F1 Talks and guided tours of Beaulieu Motor Museum. The Plant Visits are to Formaplex, Sunseeker, GE Aviation Ltd, Ben Ainslie Racing (Jaguar Land Rover BAR), MouldCam and RNLI College. Places on some of these visits are limited, and we would advise delegates to book early to have the best chance of securing their preferred visit.

Both tutorials and plant visits can be selected on Registration.

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